75 Ways To Be a Responsible Dog Owner (43-55)

Keep Your Dog Safe

43. ID your dog

He should wear an identification tag with your name, address, and phone number at all times.

44. Get your dog microchipped

Microchips are a way to permanently identify your dog, and can be invaluable in recovering a lost canine companion. Consider enrolling your dog in AKC Reunite, which is the nation’s largest database of microchipped pets.

45. Travel safely

Keep your dog safe in the car by using a crate or seat belt harness.

46. Prepare for a disaster

Have a disaster plan in place. Make an emergency kit with clean water, food, and first aid equipment. Find out in advance if evacuation shelters in your area allow animals.

47. Establish an emergency contact

Enlist a family member or friend, ideally someone your dog knows, to take care of him in case of illness, hospitalization, or other emergencies. Leave a list of general care instructions in a safe place.

Be Your Dog’s Friend

48. Play

Set aside time each day for play sessions. It’s fun, provides an outlet for your pup’s energy, and strengthens the bond between you.

49. Take walks

Your dog will enjoy exploring the neighborhood and he’ll benefit from the exercise.

50. Talk to your dog

Your canine companion won’t understand your words, but he will enjoy the sound of your voice. You can also use different voice levels to praise or correct your dog’s behavior.

51. Give treats

Your dog will always appreciate a treat, which also serves as an excellent training aid.

52. Switch out toys

Keep your dog entertained by rotating his toys. Put “old” toys out of sight for a month or two and then bring them back out again.

53. Plan activities and trips with your dog

Include your dog in family activities. Take him to the park, beach, or to special activities such as a dog parade. If you’re traveling to an event, check ahead for lodging that accepts dogs. If you’re flying, ask about travel accommodations for your dog when you make the reservation.

54. Give him a massage

Recent studies have shown that massages may be beneficial to your dog’s health and behavior.

55. Ease separation anxiety

Help your dog get used to being alone. Leave him each day with a minimum amount of fuss. When you come home, greet him calmly. This will teach him that you leaving is not something to be concerned about.

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Courtesy of American Kennel Club