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We celebrate our dogs on their birthday, but most people don’t know that there are over 150 recognized dog-related holidays that give us the opportunity to celebrate our dogs all year long.

About Walking Doggies

Walking Doggies is a testament to my belief that all dogs deserve to be celebrated, and to live their best lives, filled with an abundance of love and laughter, and a touch of sparkle, glamour, and bling!

lauraHi, I’m Laura Grace. I started Walking Doggies over 12 years ago to provide products, care and resources to dogs and their owners worldwide. When my 15 year old dog Murphy began to show signs of canine dementia I made a commitment to try and heal him holistically. Through trial and error I developed a holistic cocktail that eventually reversed Murphy’s symptoms, and kept him symptom-free for almost 3 years. 

Caring for Murphy as he aged, and especially after his diagnosis, helped me realize the importance of celebrating every day of his life.

And so, because all dogs deserve to be celebrated, our magazine highlights over 150 dog holidays and opportunities for you to celebrate your dog every day of the year. In addition, we feature unique, OOAK, luxury products that pay homage to the treasured dogs we love.

Although we don’t sell directly to the public, the products on our site are available from third-party sellers through affiliate links. Many of the holistic supplements were helpful in reversing Murphy’s dementia symptoms.

Murphy’s journey through dementia

You can read Murphy’s story here. Please visit our resource pages for information and resources to help you understand and manage your dog’s symptoms of dementia.

If your senior dog is showing signs of confusion or brain dysfunction, please speak to your veterinarian before starting your dog on a new supplement protocol.

Adopt, don’t shop. Give a homeless dog a chance.

We encourage people to adopt shelter dogs. Many of them were abandoned through no fault of their own. These dogs may spend weeks or months in a cage, unloved and depressed. Many never get to leave. Shelter dogs who are adopted are grateful to have a home and with a little patience most make wonderful companions.


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