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Dogs that behave badly outdoors often end up in the shelter system. Walking Doggies believes that every dog should have a loving, forever home so we combined the resources of industry professionals with our hand-picked collection of dog walking gear to help dogs become well-mannered, good canine citizens.
Approximately 3.1 million dogs enter the shelter system each year. Many were surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them due to behavioral issues. Each year approximately 390,000 of these dogs are euthanized. [1]

Walking Doggies LLC was founded in 2008 to offer dog walking and pet care services to pet owners throughout New York City. The company grew quickly and within a few months we had 8 employees and provided services 7 days a week to a growing base of customers. It soon became obvious that many dogs had behavioral issues when they were outside with their walkers. These included:

  • Lunging or barking aggressively at other dogs or people they met on their walk
  • Pulling their walkers down the street or walking chaotically in a non-cooperative way
  • Refusing to walk at all or insisting on walking where they wanted to, regardless of where the walker was headed

Not only did my walkers experience these issues regularly but the owners did as well, and we were notified more than once that future walks were cancelled because the dog was being rehomed or surrendered to a shelter.

In 2016 I turned Walking Doggies into an online resource to help dog owners manage their dog’s outdoor behavior and keep dogs out of the shelter system. Our website offers helpful articles written by credentialed professionals and a unique collection of dog walking and outdoor gear.

Walking Doggies offers free marketing and advertising services to animal rescue organizations to facilitate the adoption of homeless dogs into loving, forever homes.

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[1] https://www.aspca.org/helping-people-pets/shelter-intake-and-surrender