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After 15 years in the dog walking business, I understand the problems many dog owners face trying to manage their dog’s spirited outdoor behavior. A barking, growling dog who pulls you down the street can turn an ordinary dog walk into a nightmare. I experienced this personally last year when I adopted my foster dog, Barnaby.

Barnaby and his mother had been living with an animal hoarder who surrendered them to a local shelter when he was 15 months old. According to the shelter, the dogs were kept outdoors and were not socialized or trained. Barnaby was eventually adopted and rehomed several times after that because of his fiery behavior towards other dogs.

As I worked with Barnaby to overcome his past, I realized that his behavior is quite common.  Almost everyone I shared his story with knew someone who had a dog with similar issues. In most cases these are not bad dogs, they’re simply energetic dogs who were never trained to be well-mannered in public. As a result, their behavior is aggressive and their confidence is low. Most of these dogs can become good canine citizens with the right training, and can develop the confidence they need to feel good about themselves and their place in the community.

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Laura Grace

Remember, adopt, don’t shop. Give a homeless dog a chance.

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