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Reversing the symptoms of canine dementia holistically

Walking Doggies is committed to reversing canine dementia holistically. I started this site to chronicle the journey of my senior dog Murphy, who developed symptoms of dementia in August 2018 when he was 15 years of age.

About Murphy’s journey

Murphy is 17 years old and is symptom-free today thanks to the power of holistics. You can read Murphy’s story here. The reversal of Murphy’s symptoms was so successful I wanted to share his journey and provide resources to help other dog owners who are on the same path.

About Walking Doggies

Walking Doggies LLC has been in the pet industry over 12 years, providing care and resources to dogs and their owners worldwide.

Although we don’t sell products directly, from time to time we introduce holistic products we feel may be beneficial to senior dogs struggling with decreased brain function due to dementia.

These products are available from third-party sellers through affiliate links on our site. Many of these products were helpful in reversing Murphy’s dementia symptoms.

If your senior dog is showing signs of confusion or brain dysfunction, please speak to your veterinarian before starting your dog on a new supplement protocol.

Also, we invite you to visit the CANINE DEMENTIA section of our site for information that will help you understand the symptoms and behavioral changes your senior dog may be experiencing.

So hang around. There’s hope here, and there definitely is life after a diagnosis of Canine Dementia. Murphy is living proof of that!


We hope you find our website helpful. Thanks for visiting Walking Doggies.

Adopt, don’t shop. Give a homeless dog a chance.

We encourage people to adopt older shelter dogs. Many of them were abandoned through no fault of their own, after a lifetime of loyalty to their families.

These dogs may spend the rest of their lives in a cage, unloved and depressed. An older shelter dog would make a wonderful companion for an older person who doesn’t want to deal with an energetic younger dog.


We are affiliate marketers with links to online retailers, and we receive a small compensation from the purchase of products on our site. This in no way affects our product selection. We choose products that we sincerely feel will help senior dogs with dementia live their best lives.

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