They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth more words than it would take to teach you important commands that might save your dog’s life when you’re out on the street. The videos in this category are basic commands every dog should know. We will be expanding our video collection over the coming months, so check back often.

Video Lesson: Teach Your Dog to Sit

Nancy Field CPDT-KA of the Port Chester Obedience Training Club and her Labrador Retriever, “Emma,” demonstrate how to teach your dog to sit.

When you’re out in the street with your dog and danger approaches, the sit command can prevent that danger from becoming something much worse.

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Video Lesson: The Dog Listener

Every child should be taught how to behave safely around dogs.

From the family’s own to the neighbor’s dog, from the dog running loose in a park to one sitting in its owner’s car, dogs provide us with clues on their disposition or mood.

Understanding those clues or body language will help children avoid dangerous situations.

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Video Lesson: Teach Your Dog to Come

This video teaches the Come command, one of the most basic commands you and your dog need to master.

In the event of a leash, collar, or harness malfunction, this important command can save your dog’s life.

Please watch and share, and let’s work together to keep our dogs safe on the street this summer.

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Video Lesson: Teach Your Dog How to Leave It

You can begin teaching “leave it” by sitting down and doing this as a game with your dog.

Then, you will eventually have the dog “leave it” while you are walking by the item to be left.

“Leave it” is an important skill for therapy dogs who need to ignore food or pills on the floor, and is also a good skill for dogs when they are in the community.

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