Made To Roam Premium Everyday Dog Leash

roam leash

When dog walking gear fails during a walk the results can be tragic. Yet, even knowing how that situation might play out, many dog owners trust their gear week after week, month after month – often year after year, without ever doing an equipment check.

When Walking Doggies was a dog walking company, every Friday my staff did an equipment check of every client’s gear. They filled out forms and returned them to me at the end of the shift. I used those forms to contact my clients and discuss any piece of equipment my walkers felt might put the safety of their dog at risk.

Doing this every Friday took a major risk factor out of the equation. If the equipment was secure, and my walkers well-trained and compliant with my company policies, the chances of their dogs ever being hurt in my care dropped dramatically. And thankfully, in the 10 years we walked dogs 7 days a week not one dog was ever hurt in our care.

Our Everyday Leash is designed to be everything you look for in your favorite leash, soft, lightweight, secure. Crafted from premium quality, pillow soft, woven rope, engineered to be gentle on your hands. Intentionally designed for comfort, security, ease of use. Comes in 15 colors and 2 sizes.


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