Foo Foo Fido Handmade Denim Dog Harness

denim dog harness

This harness is made using several blue denim fabrics, and adorned with crystal trim. It’s shown with our signature rhinestone heavy duty snaps, but side release buckles are also available. Fully lined and washable.

Our harness was designed and created out of necessity when I adopted my first rescue Pomeranian Pinky. He had trachea damage and I couldn’t find anything ‘Foo Foo’, if you will, that was fun, functional and fashionable. Our harness is completely unique to the pet market, and you’ll only find this adjustable, choke free harness at Foo Foo Fido. It’s a harness/vest designed to adjust without Velcro, and to stay away from your dog’s throat/trachea, with an ergonomic design in even weight distribution and comfort for your dog. The leash attaches at the waist.

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