WOOFO Windproof and Waterproof Dog Raincoat

woofo raincoat

The WOOFO rain poncho is a highly functional outfit that is essential for every dog in rainy weather. Built with lightweight materials and HydroRepel technology, it’s ideal for dogs to enjoy their walks at ease. Designed with 5 adjustable fasteners, and it’s ready for outdoor exploration in 15 seconds with minimal hassle and stylish comfort.

Our raincoat is the perfect solution for wet weather: Rated 10000mm/h2o waterproof, the WOOFO rain poncho is perfect for keeping dogs dry in wet conditions. With all the seams taped and extended coverage over hips and thighs, it offers full protection when your dog is out exploring.

Built with the highest cloth making standard and made from flexible and lightweight outdoor fabric which is non-toxic, the dog rain jacket provides the ultimate comfort when dressed. It is adjustable at the neckline, back, waist, and legs, allowing for a perfect fit and unrestricted movement.


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