Wagwear’s Durable Cordura Camo Dog Carrier

camo carrier

When traveling with your dog it’s important that you’re both safe and comfortable as you go through the ins and outs of trains, planes or whatever mode of transportation you choose to get to your destination. Even if you hop on the top of a truck carrying live chickens, as my mom and I once did during a transit strike (a story for another time), you need to be safe and comfortable.

A bad travel experience can ruin your vacation and cause ’emotional baggage’ that will affect future trips, even if your actual baggage wasn’t affected by your experience. Traveling with a dog can be stressful by itself without any additional problems that may arise along the way. What we love about this carrier is that if you hit a bump in the road during your travels your dog can hang his head outside the cut out to be reassured that everything’s OK while being securely tethered in. So even in the unlikely event that he comes face to face with a chicken he’ll feel safe and comforted. Not so sure about the chicken though.

New York brand Wagwear’s dog carrier is a modern take on the classic camo design dog carrier. This carrier is not only stylish and comfortable, but it comes with an inside zipper pocket, front side pocket and zipper closure to keep your pup and your papers safe, and there’s a sturdy interior nylon strap and clip that attaches to your dog’s collar for added security.


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