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Turmeric and Coconut Treats Can Boost the Immune System and Support Joint Health in Senior Dogs

Turmeric and coconut were two important supplements in Murphy’s initial treatment. I knew about the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric and it was always my go-to supplement for any injury or illness that might be caused by inflammation. Coconut is known to boost the immune system and may help to improve cognitive function. Adding these healthy supplements to dog treats makes it easy and convenient to help your senior dog.

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Benefits of turmeric include:

  • May help to boost the immune system
  • Turmeric is considered to be an antioxidant
  • Helps to relieve pain from joint issues and arthritis

Benefits of coconut include:

  • May improve cognitive function
  • Known to improve digestion
  • Supports the immune system

Always check with your vet before changing your dog’s diet or adding supplements.

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