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The Evolving Role Full Spectrum Supplements Play on the Aging Brain

Full spectrum supplements containing vitamins, minerals and nutrients support a healthy body and mind. Essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients may keep senior dogs from developing age-related health issues. If you’re not giving your senior dog supplements specific to his or her specific needs, consider a full spectrum vitamin/mineral supplement to support muscles and ligaments, blood sugar, bones and joints, skin and coat, digestive function, brain and mood.

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Many commercial dog food manufacturers promote their brand of food to be nutritionally sound, with vitamins and minerals for each stage of a dog’s life. But not all dogs have the same nutritional needs and not all dog food is created equal. Full spectrum vitamins and supplements can provide those missing nutrients.

Antioxidant supplements like vitamins C and E may reduce inflammation and help aging dogs who have dementia and joint problems. These same supplements may also be necessary to balance out the diets of dogs who are being fed homemade meals.

Always check with your vet before changing your dog’s diet or adding supplements.

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