dog with ballTech toys for dogs are some of the coolest gadgets on the planet, and you might enjoy playing with them just as much as your dog.

Run-of-the-mill tennis balls have been replaced with balls that glow in the dark, and puzzle balls with timers inside that dispense treats at predetermined times that you control.

Automatic ball launchers are a great way to work off energy and some are so automatic that your dog can play by himself. Grab your dog, pack up the ball launcher, and head to a dog-friendly beach where you can relax while your dog runs around chasing balls and having a blast.

Puzzles and games provide mental stimulation and can reward your dog with treats for a job well done. If your dog is anxious when you leave the house give him a puzzle with his favorite treats right before you leave. Dogs get bored when they’re left alone with nothing to do. And bored dogs can be destructive. So fill up your dog’s toy box with some tech toys that will challenge his mind and change his point of view.


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