bulldogYou probably know that there are gadgets and apps for just about everything these days, so it makes perfect sense that there are gadgets and apps for dogs too. Some of these are just for fun and other take a serious approach to the health and well-being of your pet.

Since most of us can’t be with our dogs 24/7, making sure they get off the couch (or chair) and get enough exercise, activity trackers can help. Many of these attach to your dog’s collar or harness and send information to your smartphone, giving you an glimpse into what your dog is doing and how he’s feeling at any given time.

Most dogs are natural athletes and love being active. Activity helps dogs stay slim and in keeps them in shape. It stimulates their brains and reduces boredom. Moderate activity can also help to lubricate creaky joints in older dogs, or dogs who have joint issues. In most cases, even a little bit of exercise can help dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives.

In addition to keeping you informed, some health trackers even have the capability of communicating with your dog’s vet, so he or she can monitor your dog’s health at the same time you are. This is particularly helpful if your dog is a senior or has a particular health concern that needs to be monitored frequently. Health trackers can help you and your vet make informed decisions about the health and care of your pet at all stages of your pet’s life.

Keeping your dog well-groomed is another important aspect of health care. Dogs need to be bathed and brushed regularly to maintain healthy skin and fur. Teeth and ears need to be cleaned, nails cut and all of this on a fairly regular basis. Thankfully, grooming tools for pets has gone high tech too, making the ‘ouch’ and the running under the couch as soon as your dog sees the brush in your hand, yesterday’s news.

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