chef cookingTech manufacturers are now offering a myriad of products to help pet owners provide healthier options for their pets around mealtime.

Special feeding bowls magically open when your dog approaches them wearing a collar with a smart tag programmed by the company. When your dog walks away from the bowl it automatically closes, preventing other pets from eating the food meant for your dog. In a multi-pet household try putting the collar on your cat to keep your dog out of the cat food.

LED and UV sterilizing pet drinking fountains provide a constant stream of oxygenated water. The UV light purification system removes microorganisms and bacteria, leaving cool, fresh water for your pet to enjoy.

If your dog is subject to bloat, or you’re concerned about bloat, a slow feeder dog bowl can slow down his eating and even make mealtime fun. Some slow feeder bowls are made to resemble a maze, and getting to the food takes a bit of work.

Slow feeder bowls will also help you monitor the amount of food your dog is consuming at each meal. Fill the bowl as directed and because your dog has to work to get to the food mealtime takes longer, digestion is improved and a little fun and exercise is added to the mix for good measure.

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