dog and boy runningDogs weren’t bred to lounge around the house watching TV and neither were we. Dogs are natural hunters and herders and they love to be active and on the move.

Staying active results in better health. The benefits of exercise for you and your dog include getting and staying in shape, stronger, healthier hearts, better digestion, healthier bones and muscles and overall better movement and agility.

Active dogs are less likely to exhibit negative behavior because they’re using their energy constructively. That means less barking, pulling, lunging, chewing, jumping, scratching and generally less destructive behavior. Getting active with your dog will result in better sleep and less stress for you both. Shy, fearful and under-socialized dogs will develop more confidence. Even a walk around the block or a trip to the dog park are great ways for you and your dog to get active.

There’s lots of smart dog walking gear for you to consider. For example, training collars, clickers and other training products allow you to control negative behavior, bright LED collars, harnesses, leashes, tags and even toys are a must for safe nighttime walks and play, cooling and heating harnesses and vests keep your dog comfortable year round, GPS collars and tracking devices will help to locate your dog if he ever goes missing. In that regard dogs get lost, unfortunately they do. Always have an ID tag with current contact information on your dog’s collar. Also, I strongly recommend having your dog microchipped and signing up with a lost pet recovery service. Many lost dogs have been reunited with their owners because they were microchipped and easy to track.

Technology can add some excitement to an ordinary dog walk. It can also give you peace of mind to know that you’re prepared for any situation that may arise when you’re out with your dog.

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