Sustainable, Vegan Black Canvas Carrier For Dogs

black vegan carrier

If I could design a travel bag for my pups it would be very much like this one. In fact, I can’t think of much, if anything at all, I would change. My bag would have to be durable – check. It would have to be ethically sourced – check. It would have to look darn good – double check! And mine would need multiple ways to carry it, have lots of pockets — you get the idea. Basically, if I could design a travel bag for my pups this bag is what I would design.

Here’s what the designer said about this carrier.

Our first bag is also the first of its kind: a carrier for pets and humans alike, designed to let you both live, work, and travel together, without compromise. Sourced and crafted in Italy from start to finish, it’s old-world quality made for modern life, seamlessly taking you two from office to plane to party (and back). Outside is coated canvas, with a pocket for your essentials; inside is accident-proof nylon and a zip pocket for their treats, toys, and tethers. Its 100% Vegan, and 100% meant for you and your best furry friend. It’s a bag that shares your priorities (comfort for them, style for you), making it easy for you both to run, sit, fetch, play, and stay — together.


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