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One Dog’s Journey Through Senior Dog Dementiamurphy

One day he was fine and the next day he wasn’t. The symptoms of senior dog dementia started out slowly and then exploded on August 13, 2018. Over a 2 week period my happy, healthy, lick-the-bowl-clean pup stopped eating, became incontinent, stood in the corner of the room staring at the wall, forgot how to walk up stairs and didn’t recognize me. Read Murphy’s story and learn how the holistic supplements he’s taking are helping to reverse the symptoms of dementia and improve his health overall.

Recognizing Behavioral Changes in Senior Dogsold dog

Sometimes changes in a dog’s behavior can be caused by aging, and because we see our dogs every day we don’t always realize that the changes we’re seeing may actually be caused by something more serious. This article will help you recognize the symptoms of brain dysfunction and help you understand the difference between normal aging and a decline in cognitive function.

Visit our Video Library


You’ll find lots of great videos here to help you help your confused, older dog cope with cognitive decline. Some of these videos are from veterinarians, others are from people who have a lot of experience caring for senior dogs:

  • Canine Dementia – Everything you need to know

  • Help For Confused, Older Dogs

  • Inside a Dog Retirement Home

  • Saying Goodbye: The Right time to Euthanize Your Pet

  • What Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Looks Like

Resources and Helpold dog

If you need help caring for your senior dog, visit our Resources and Help page. These wonderful organizations offer physical, emotional and financial help to dog owners who are having a hard time caring for their dogs. This is a growing list and resources will be added each month. Some of these organizations are breed-specific, many are not. We’ve added a link directly to each organization to make it easy for you to get the help you need.

Murphy’s Holistic Cocktailmurphy jan, 2019

Nine months after displaying classic symptoms of senior dog dementia, Murphy is asymptomatic and thriving. He will be 16 years old on Thursday, May 9, 2019. I attribute the reversal of Murphy’s symptoms to a well-researched, tried-and-true combination of holistic supplements that I give him every night.

Blog Posts and Articlesold dog

Murphy’s Blog offers updates on Murphy’s journey through senior dog dementia and articles about senior dog care, specifically caring for a dog with dementia. Read about Dietary Treatment for Dog Dementia, Toys and Games for Senior Dogs and much more. New articles will be added monthly.