old dogHaving 2 senior dogs isn’t easy, especially if one of them is fighting Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD). Suddenly on August 13, 2018 life became a lot more complicated and filled with issues I had never thought about before.

I searched online for some answers but unfortunately reliable resources are never in one place, and resources are often inconsistent, and weeks later I emerged from the task more daunted than ever.

In the end I decided to treat Murphy holistically and now, 5 months later, my CCD boy is almost asymptomatic. How did we get there? I almost don’t remember. Contradictions in many of the articles I read only spurred me on to continued research and eventual success. Murphy is back.

We want to offer resources that make it easier for dog owners to find the help they need to navigate the twists and turns of senior dog dementia. We also want to highlight the value of holistic supplementation in treating this disease. Murphy is taking 11 holistic supplements a day that seem to have reversed his symptoms and brought him back to me. I continue to experiment. Every day is a gift and I want to pay it forward by sharing Murphy’s journey and success with you.

Our resources include:

  • Articles to help you care for your senior dog.
  • Videos that explain canine dementia, and the symptoms to look for.
  • Links to organizations that provide discounts to senior citizens and to people with senior dogs who are in need of help.
  • Lists of shelters and rescue organizations that specialize in senior dog adoption.
  • Products and supplements that have helped Murphy in his recovery.

We encourage people to adopt older shelter dogs. Many of them were abandoned through no fault of their own, after a lifetime of loyalty to their families. These dogs may spend the rest of their lives in a cage, unloved and depressed. An older shelter dog would make a wonderful companion for an older person who doesn’t want to deal with an energetic younger dog.

So this is where we start, and who knows where we’ll end up. We’ll be adding new resources every week, so please come back often. Also, let us know how we can help you care for your senior dog. We’re on this journey together.

Thanks for visiting our site!


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