dog profileIf you’re a tech junkie you know that technology is an important part of almost every industry, including the pet industry. Technology is a powerful force that can transform how you connect with your pet.

Here are some benefits of using smart technology designed for pets.

Technology can keep your dog safe

Smart technology for your home can control pet doors and monitor your home for carbon monoxide and smoke. And you may want to consider buying a GPS collar or a pet tracker that can locate your dog if he ever gets lost.

Smart gear can help your dog stay active

There are gadgets designed to keep your dog active when you’re not at home. Pet activity trackers monitor your dog’s energy level and heart rate, supplying important data about his health. But these tools can’t replace regular exercise, so make time to get out in the fresh air with your dog.  Interactive play and walks in the park will get you both moving and deepen your bond.

Calm anxious dogs with technology

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety if they’re left along for more than a few hours. Two-way cameras can comfort your pet and let you keep an eye on him until you return. But if your dog is comforted by your smell and touch, this technology may not work for him. In that case consider a behaviorist or some positive training to combat his anxiety. If you do buy a two-way camera, leave an article of clothing behind to add an extra level of comfort, and consider hiring a pet sitter to keep him company.

Technology can help to keep your dog healthy

While pet monitors can track your dog’s vital statistics, providing valuable information about your dog’s health, smart feeders can keep tabs on how much your dog eats. Some also have online apps that assess your pet’s diet and offer tips for improvement.

Train your dog using smart technology

Training collars and apps using Bluetooth wireless technology allow pet owners to train their dogs with a smartphone. In the home, smart cameras placed where your dog hangs out can catch your dog in the act of doing something he’s not suppose to. This allows you to see bad behavior you didn’t know was happening and to follow up with positive training.

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