mechanical dog trinket boxIn our home everything is dog. Of course I have my space too but truthfully even my space is dog. So when it comes to buying new things for my office or my home I always look dog first.

Let’s start with some fun. What caught my eye this week is… Red Rover!

I love handmade, unique treasures that you don’t see anywhere else. I think there’s something so special about an item that’s one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated.

This little trinket box is called Red Rover and it’s completely handmade, originally from a shoeshine box. It has 2 ears, 4 legs and a tail, and if you look closely at the picture you can see how much work went into creating it. Red Rover measures 16″ high X 13.5″ long X 9″ wide.

I love the originality and creativity of this piece, and I especially love that it’s handmade and OOAK. This is something I would place on a shelf or on a side table or night stand. Red Rover’s red nose opens the box and the inside is lined and secure. I think Red Rover would be a safe place to hide something for safe keeping.

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