Off-Leash Parks (States P-Z)

There are a lot of health and social benefits achieved by taking long walks with your dog several times a week. These include improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones (that are built up by walking regularly), and decreased stress.

Buchanan Dog Park, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Buchanan Dog Park features a fenced-in area where your dog can roam and play off-leash. You can reserve the park for a doggy birthday party or another dog-friendly event.

South Kingstown Dog Park, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

South Kingstown Dog Park has 13 acres for your dog to run around and play with friends. In addition to a large, open field there are tennis courts, beach volleyball, a large playground, and more.

Conestee Dog Park, Greenville, South Carolina

Conestee Dog Park is not just an area where your dog can meet new friends, run, play, and socialize. It’s also a nature trail where you and your dog can walk and hike together.

Robbinsdale Park, Rapid City, South Dakota

There are many parks in Rapid City, South Dakota. All of them allow dogs but some are off-leash while others require dogs to be leashed. Robbinsdale Park is off-leash so your dog can run and play and socialize. In addition, there are walking trails so you and your dog can enjoy a relaxing nature walk.

Two Rivers Dog Park, Nashville, Tennessee

Two Rivers Dog Park is a fenced-in area where you and your dog can socialize and mingle with new friends – dogs and humans alike. Your dog can run around, play fetch, chase a ball and get some exercise.

White Rock Lake Dog Park, Dallas, Texas

White Rock Lake Dog Park is three acres of fenced-in land. Two acres is for large dog breeds, while one acre is for smaller dogs to roam around, play, exercise, and socialize. There are designated areas for shade, comfort, and more. You can hold events here, and there are even water stations for your dog to splash and play.

Draper Dayland Dog Park, Draper, Utah

Draper Dayland Dog Park is a clean and safe area to bring your dog for the day. They open at 9:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM. Every Tuesday, they open at noon so the park can be cleaned and maintained. The area is fenced-in, so your dog can run around and play. There’s even a small pond where your dog can swim and splash around on a hot day.

Starr Farm Dog Park, Burlington, Vermont

From sun up until sundown, you and your dog can enjoy Starr Farm Dog Park. It’s a fenced-in area where your dog can roam off-leash. This park is grassy, with plenty of agility and obstacle structures for your dog. Think of it as a doggy playground.

Shirlington Dog Park, Arlington, Virginia

Shirlington Dog Park is a fenced-in area that allows dogs to run around off-leash. This park is open during daylight hours, so you can enjoy the entire day playing and socializing.

Westcrest Park, Seattle, Washington

Westcrest Park has plenty of open space for your dog to run around off-leash. It’s a fenced-in area with about eight acres of land for your dog to explore. There are drinking fountain for your dog, shaded areas, and walking paths for the two of you to take a relaxing stroll together.

Stanley’s Spot Dog Park, Morgantown, West Virginia

If your dog is over six months of age and is vaccinated and licensed bring them to Stanley’s Spot Dog Park. There’s a large open area for your dog to romp and play off-leash. More activities and amenities are coming to this park soon so that you and your dog can spend the whole day there.

Caledonia Dog Park, Caledonia, Wisconsin

Caledonia Dog Park offers lots of space for your dog to roam and play with doggy friends. In addition, there is a river where your dog can wade, splash, swim, and play on a hot day.

Bittercreek Bark Park, Rock Springs, Wyoming

Whether your dog wants to run around and play with other dogs or splash in the pond, you can be sure they’ll be tired by the end of the day. Your dog will have lots of fun playing, exercising, and bonding with the other dogs at the park.

Rules and regulations for the parks on this list may change regularly. Please research each park you’d like to visit before heading out with your dog.