Off-Leash Parks (States N-O)

Make long walks with your dog in a natural surrounding a regular part of your routine. It doesn’t have to be daily, but weekly walks in nature will benefit you both.  Breathe in the air, smell the flowers and appreciate the beauty all around.

Rickman’s Run/Holmes Lake Dog Park, Lincoln, Nebraska

Rickman’s Run and Holmes Lake Dog Park offers a fenced-in area with an open field, drinking stations, and a place for your dog to swim. Not only will they get out a lot of pent-up energy and be tired at the end of the day, but they’ll get a chance to bond with some new friends.

Clark County Dog Fancier’s Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

Clark County Dog Fancier’s Park has five different areas for your dog to experience and play. Each one has an open field that’s completely enclosed by a fence. There are also trailways for you and your dog to explore. One of these parks is open to the public while the other four can be reserved.

Derry Dog Park, Derry, New Hampshire

Derry Dog Park is completely fenced in and has double gates to enter and exit. The park is off-leash with a separate area for smaller dog breeds. There are many agility obstacles available for your dog to play and exercise.  Donations are welcome to keep this park going.

Timber Creek Dog Park, Blackwood, New Jersey

Timber Creek Dog Park is nine acres of fenced-in land in the woods. Your dog can run around and play and socialize with other dogs. In addition, there are nature trails for you to walk or hike with your dog, and a creek for a dog to swim on a hot day.

North Domingo Baca Dog Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico

North Domingo Baca Dog Park is one of many in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This park is open from morning to night every day, and is fenced-in with lights for the early morning or late at night. In addition, there’s an area  for your dog to swim.

Chelsea Waterside Dog Park, New York City, New York

You can safely bring your pup to Chelsea Waterside Dog Park with its fenced-in and double-gated entry and exit. There’s fresh water for your dog to drink and plenty of room to run around and play with other dogs. This park gets cleaned and maintained twice a day.

Carolina Pines Dog Park, Raleigh, North Carolina

You and your dog can go to Carolina Pines Dog Park no matter the time of day. The area is fenced-in with plenty of room for your dog to run around, get ample exercise, play fetch, and socialize with other dogs off-leash.

Dog Town Dog Park, Mandan, North Dakota

At Dog Town Dog Park your dog can roam free off-leash in a large fenced-in area, or exercise and socialize with other dogs in the dirt area or grassy areas of the park. There are tunnels, benches, hoops, and other fun activities for your dog to enjoy.

Avon Lake Dog Park, Avon Lake, Ohio

There are many parks to enjoy at Avon Lake Dog Park. Your dog can run in fenced-in areas off-leash, go swimming, play and socialize with other dogs, and much more.

Norman Community Dog Park, Norman, Oklahoma

Norman Community Dog Park has a fenced-in, off-leash area for play time, and also offers benches, grassy areas, and dirt areas so that your dog can dig and run to its heart’s content.

Hondo Dog Park, Hillsboro, Oregon

There’s lots to do at Hondo Dog Park. They have a winter area open all year round, with a summer area that’s only open during the summer. Your dog can swim, run around, and play. There’s also hiking and walking pathways for you and your dog.

Rules and regulations for the parks on this list may change regularly. Please research each park you’d like to visit before heading out with your dog.