Off-Leash Parks (States I-M)

Regular walks are vitally important for your dog health. Obesity in pets is associated with a number of medical conditions including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance.

Meridian Bark Park, Meridian, Idaho

Meridian Bark Park features leashed and unleashed areas, and is a great place to meet and greet other dogs and their humans. Check out their events or take a nice, relaxing walk around a scenic route.

Independence Grove Dog Park, Libertyville, Illinois

Independence Grove Dog Park has five unique dog park areas. Each one allows your pooch to run off-leash, swim, play, and socialize with the other dogs. You’ll have plenty to do here and your dog will have lots of fun.

Fort Harrison State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana

There are three separate fenced-in areas at Fort Harrison State Park Dog Park where your dog can run and play off-leash. Neither area is restricted to size, so you’ll need to judge which dogs your dog will play well with. In addition, there are hiking trails and picnicking.

Thornberry Off-Leash Dog Park, Iowa City, Iowa

Thornberry Off-leash Dog Park is 11 acres of land that’s divided into four fenced-in areas based on your dog’s needs. For example, one area has a pond where the dogs can swim, another area is for smaller dogs, and one of the areas is for on-leash pups that might not do well with other dogs. They also have training classes in this area as well.

Mutt Run Off-Leash Dog Park, Lawrence, Kansas

Mutt Run Off-Leash Dog Park is a large open field where dogs can run around and mingle with one another. There are also scenic pathways for you and your dog to take a relaxing walk in nature.

Boone County Dog Park, Burlington, Kentucky

Boone County Dog Park is a four-acre park with two one-and-a-half acre sections for small dogs, two one-acre sections for large dogs, and is securely fenced with a double gate entry system to allow safe entrance/exits and keep other dogs from slipping out. Each section has a shelter and benches. There are also water fountains for dogs and their people, and a paved parking area.

Dog Park at Burbank Park, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Dog Park at Burbank Park offers off-leash fun, climbing obstacles, and an onsite pond. The park has two separate areas for large and small dogs, covered picnic tables, pet waste stations, paved paths around the enclosed areas, and ample parking.

Quarry Run Dog Park, Portland, Maine

At Quarry Run Dog Park, you and your dog can take a long, relaxing walk along the scenic trail. You can meet other dogs and their owners, make new friends, and get some exercise.

Worthington Off-Leash Dog Park, Ellicott City, Maryland

Worthington Off-Leash Dog Park has tunnels, ramps, hoops and a big, open field for your dog to run around and play while you socialize with other dog owners.

Sheepfold Dog Park, Stoneham, Massachusetts

There are many things to do at Sheepfold Dog Park. In the off-leash area your dog can run around and socialize. This park also has hiking trails for long on-leash walks. The park is open from sun up until sundown.

Orion Oaks Dog Park, Township, Michigan

Orion Oaks Dog Park is 24 acres of fun. Your dog can roam off-leash in their fenced-in area, play and socialize with other dogs. There are also walking trails, a lake for swimming, and picnic tables to sit back and relax.

Minnehaha Dog Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnehaha Dog Park offers a lake for your dog to swim in, off-leash areas to romp and play, and scenic trails for you and your dog to take a long, relaxing walk.

Lowndes Recreation Soccer Complex Bark Park, Columbus, Mississippi

This is a recreational ballpark where there’s lots of activity. There’s a fenced-in area for your dog to run off-leash and play with the other dogs. This is a great area to play fetch or simply run around.

Broemmelsiek Park, Defiance, Missouri

You’ll have fun time at Broemmelsiek Park. There are three dog parks are available, but this one is five acres of land fenced in with covered shelter for shade. In addition, there’s a small pond for dogs to swim and play in.

Lewis and Bark Dog Park, Bozeman, Montana

There is a lot to do at the Lewis and Bark Dog Park, and plenty of amenities for dogs and their people. There’s a large open field for dogs to run around and play, a swimming area, and drinking stations.

Rules and regulations for the parks on this list may change regularly. Please research each park you’d like to visit before heading out with your dog.