Our Mission, Our Passion

My three adventurous dogs Murphy, Niko and Barnaby love being outdoors and they love playing with friends. Since I live in a pet-friendly neighborhood it’s easy to find fun things to do and buddies to do it with. Life is much better when I’m out having fun with my boys.

Spending time outdoors has led to happier, healthier, well-mannered dogs and a happier, healthier mom. Socialization and playdates helped the boys correct negative outdoor behavior and they come home from their outings tired and happy. And yes, tired dogs are happy dogs, and happy, well-mannered dogs have a better chance of staying in their forever homes and staying out of the shelter system.

The mission of Walking Doggies is to help you turn ordinary dog walks into a time for fun, adventure and fitness. Whether your dog is a younger pup or a sweet senior our resources will help you and your dog enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Take advantage of outdoor treasures in your own backyard
  • Explore nearby dog-friendly hiking trails and swimming holes
  • Pack an outdoor checklist of essentials
  • Network with local dog owners for play dates and adventures
  • Plan for the challenges of traveling with your dog
  • Locate pet-friendly places to travel and explore
  • Overcome physical challenges so you and your dog can continue making new adventures
  • Choose the best, most upbeat and offbeat outdoor gear you can find
  • Correct negative outdoor behavior that your dog may be exhibiting
  • Connect with certified dog trainers, dog walkers and other pet care professionals
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