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How I Reversed Dementia in My Senior Dog

Immune System Health

Liquid CoQ10 Can Help Restore Healthy Cell Function and Protect Cells From Damage

CoQ10 is often prescribed for dogs with congestive heart failure, and helps to support healthy heart function. Easy to administer. Comes with a dropper or you can add it to your dog’s food. Murphy doesn’t have heart disease, however one of the supplements he takes for dementia also supports heart health.


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  • Many holistic veterinarians credit CoQ10 for helping dogs with congestive heart failure. These doctors feel CoQ10 is important to the function of  organs that have a high demand for oxygen, including the heart and brain.
  • CoQ10 is considered to be an antioxidant that may help to reverse the cell damage caused by oxidizing chemicals.

Always check with your vet before changing your dog’s diet or adding supplements.

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