Lightweight, Reflective Raincoat For French Bulldogs

blue dog raincoat

Protect your pup from cold and rainy weather with our full-coverage, lightweight, breathable, wind-proof, and water-proof raincoat. Fabulous Fido raincoats are crafted with a lightweight polyester shell that has a water-resistant coating that protects your dog from rainwater. This breathable raincoat will keep your dog warm and dry during the rainy season. These raincoats are designed with a flexible and body-tightening design that guarantees a perfect and comfortable fit. The upper part of the raincoat includes a leash hole to provide extra control during dog walks. Our raincoats are crafted with vibrant colors and reflective fabric, and your dog will look adorable while wearing it. The reflective design will keep your dog safe in low-light conditions at night.


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