Introducing The New and Improved Walking Doggies Website

Walking Doggies is Moving Ahead of the Pack!

The Walking Doggies website is becoming, morphing, transforming, changing, evolving, growing, and finally transmogrifying into an online resource focused on creating outdoor adventures that dogs and their people can enjoy together.

Every month, beginning June, 2024, we’ll highlight a key issue important to dog owners. Topics include:

  • Dog-friendly trails and beaches to enjoy this summer
  • Resources to help dogs who behave badly outdoors
  • Important commands your dog should master before going on adventure walks
  • The best dog walking gear, manufactured by the most ethical companies
  • Lists of off-leash dog parks throughout the USA

Each month we’ll update our website with important articles on the topic of the month written by credentialed professionals. The balance of our articles will support the monthly topic, and feature highlights of our hand-picked collection of dog walking and training gear.

The collection of products available for purchase in our shop will be limited to what we consider to be the best the Internet has to offer. We’ll make that determination based on the ethics and the mission of the product manufacturers. We will only choose companies that I personally support for their commitment to animals and to our planet.