Handmade Cotton Dog Bandana Helps Dogs in Need

delia dog bandana

Companies that make it a point of supporting animals in need, or a clean, sustainable environment and future for our children, should be recognized and rewarded for their good work. There are a growing number of large corporations and local businesses that understand the importance of respecting nature and providing the best products and services to their customers.

This trend appears to be growing, as the world is watching the results of focusing it’s attention in the opposite direction. Luxury no longer means the most expensive or the highest status. The New Luxury looks for Quality, Sustainability, Having More Time, Giving Back. In that regard, the smallest items can be considered luxury to a growing majority of people if it meets that criteria

A bandana with a purpose. Our handmade cotton bandana for dogs features navy blue or dark teal, with pink, light blue, yellow, and while floral detail. Available in a variety of sizes for a comfortable fit. A portion of proceeds from the sale of this bandana will be donated to The Joshua Fund Dog Rescue.


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