Fenii Premium Cotton Dog Bandanas – 2 Pack

black dog wearing orange bandana

Bandanas for dogs are not just for style. During the winter months bandanas act like a scarf and can keep your dog’s neck and collar warm. During the summer months a wet bandana can be used and reused to keep your dog cool. Bandanas also act as an insect barrier, keeping insects away from your dog’s neck. If you have a stressed dog use a stress relief spray containing pheromones on a bandana to calm your dog down.

Our dog bandanas are made from 100% cotton, using high quality, dual-layer double gauze. The material is soft, breathable and comfortable. These triangular-shaped bandanas provide the perfect bandana look. The soft, premium fabric in yellow and gray will give your dog a sleek look perfect for any occasion. The bandanas come in 3 sizes to fit every pup: S (7-12″ necks), L (12-16″ necks), and XL (16-21″ necks). If between sizes, buy one size up and fold over.


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