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Healing Canine Dementia Through Holistics

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Essential Oil May Offer Natural Plant-Based Pain & Stress Relief For Senior Dogs

For both people and dogs, old age often comes with pain. The go-to solution many people turn to is medication, but medication may come at a price, namely negative side effects.

Instead of medication it may be helpful to try natural, holistic remedies, which have been known for centuries to heal wounds and ease pain. These natural remedies may help to reduce your dog’s pain with fewer, if any, side effects

This essential oil is made from mustard seeds, caraway seeds and cinnamon, and may ease your dog’s muscle pain and arthritis. Just rub some on your hands and massage it into the affected area on your dog.

Many natural oils and herbs deliver potent medicine, so check with your vet before starting your dog on a new holistic protocol.

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