Dog Boots We Love Because They Stay on Your Dog’s Feet

pink dog boots

Metallic accented vegan suede with polar fleece lining and a rubber sole.

black and white boots

Black vegan leather boots with an athletic design.

black and white boots

Black waterproof boots. Made of neoprene (like pool shoes). Includes a zipper, Velcro closure and a unique tightening string to adjust to your large or small dog’s ankle.

Sweetie B Petwear: Everyday luxe for dogs with wearable styles that are eye catching and captivating. We were drawn to this brand for the style of their dog boots, and because the description says they stay on your dog’s feet. Reviews for this company bear that out. After reading that they adopted an older dog with severe health issues, we knew Sweetie B deserves our support.

Here’s what Sweetie B says about their boots:

4 Boots in each pack! We only carry this type of dog booties because we believe they are the only type that stay on. The size is the key. In our retail store in Tampa, they are our best seller because they really work. We also have many buyers in cold places because they need the extra protection during winter.

Check out Sweetie B’s full collection.


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