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senilife for canine dementia


Senilife has helped to reverse Murphy’s symptoms of dementia. He’s been taking this supplement for 19 months, and I can see a difference in his behavior if he misses a few doses. Senilife contains Phosphatidylserine and Pyridoxine to regulate and restore neurotransmission, plus Resveratrol, Ginkgo biloba and vitamin E to provide neuronal antioxidant protection.

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This is a personal testimonial about the positive effects Senilife has had in reversing Murphy’s symptoms of dementia. I’m not usually this passionate about supplements, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Senilife was the second supplement I gave Murphy in the early days of his illness (the first was Animal Essentials Heart Health). Actually, I credit Heart Health, Senilife and NuLeaf CBD Oil as the power combo that started Murphy’s healing process, and he will remain on these supplements for as long as they continue to help him. The additional supplements that make up the remainder of Murphy’s holistic cocktail were added to address different issues that Murphy was experiencing.