Cozy, Skin-Friendly Sweater For Your Small Dog

dog sweater

When it’s cool outdoors your dog can benefit from a warm sweater. Dogs feel the cold like humans do. In fact, dogs are just as likely to get frostbite (frozen skin and tissue) and hypothermia (low body temperature) as their owners.

A good rule of thumb is if it’s too cold for you it’s too cold for your dog. Breeds with thicker coats will have more tolerance for the cold than short-haired dogs. Puppies and senior dogs have a harder time regulating their body temperature so when it’s cold out provide your dog with a sweater or coat and limit their exposure outdoors.

Unlike wool sweaters, which may require hand washing or be itchy on some dogs, our sweaters are ultra-soft and are made of polyester fleece. They’re cozy and comfy, providing plenty of warmth without being bulky. Available in various colors and sizes. A perfect addition to your dog’s wardrobe.


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