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Throwing a birthday party for your dog is the perfect opportunity to celebrate another year together.

No birthday celebration is complete without homemade dog treats and an adorable Happy Birthday Cake Hat! Here are some treat recipes your dog is sure to love, and a link to a fun Birthday Cake Hat so your dog is picture-ready!

Celebrating your dog’s birthday is a special occasion for you both. Consider these 12 fun ways to enjoy this special day.

  1. Buy your pup some new toys.
  2. Arrange a playdate with doggy friends.
  3. Make a dog-friendly cake, treats or ice cream.
  4. Visit your local pet store and let your dog pick out a gift.
  5. Have a doggy game day with the whole family.
  6. Take your dog swimming.
  7. Spend one-on-one time with your dog at a park or special place.
  8. Take lots of pictures and compile them into a photo album to commemorate the special day.
  9. Make a DIY doggy gift basket, filled with your dog’s favorite treats and new toys and let your dog’s unwrap it.
  10. Spend some quiet time pampering your pup and celebrating with the family.
  11. Take your dog to a new park or explore a new hiking trail together.
  12. Enjoy a special movie night cuddling with your dog on the couch, complete with popcorn and treats.