Dog behaving badly outdoors? Welcome to our community! Learn more here: Community rules and guidelines

Community Center

dogs outdoorsWelcome to our community, a place for dog owners who have dogs that behave badly outdoors. Learn how to curb negative outdoor behavior and build a better relationship with your dog. Ask questions, find answers and get advice! Join our community now!

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Our Gallery

small dog laying downAdd your dog to the Gallery of Amazing Dogs! Just click the image icon at the bottom of any comment box and choose the file to upload. Or drag-and-drop an image into the comment box. Supported formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF and the max file size is 2 MB. Visit our Gallery of Amazing Dogs!

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The Graffiti Wall

dog drinking waterThe graffiti wall is the place to post funny stories or anecdotes about your pup, or tell us about a book or article you read that may be of interest to other dog owners. Post on our graffiti wall!

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Community Library

white bull dogShare articles and resources that help you manage your dog’s outdoor behavior. Maybe a great article that improved your dog walk, or a helpful dog trainer, or an amazing piece of training gear. Share your resources!

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The Think Tank

dog on leashLet us know what you think about popular dog training products. Add your own experiences and recommendations. You can even share videos and pictures and chat with community members in real time. Read product reviews.

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Dog Adoption Center

2 puppiesOur adoption center is the place for community members to network and find homes for dogs in need. Post information about the dog along with pictures and contact information. Help a homeless dog!

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