dog sitting in chairGetting active has many benefits for you and your dog. Dogs weren’t bred to lounge around the house watching TV and truthfully neither were we. Dogs are natural hunters and herders and they love to play and be active and on the move. When we don’t give them enough physical activity we’re missing a great opportunity to keep them and ourselves in shape.

Getting active with your dog results in better health. The benefits of exercise for you and your dog include getting and staying in shape, stronger, healthier hearts, better digestion, healthier bones and muscles and overall better movement and agility.

In addition, active dogs are less likely to exhibit negative behavior because they’re using their energy in a constructive way. That means less barking, pulling, lunging, chewing, jumping, scratching and generally less destructive behavior.

Getting active with your dog will result in better sleep, less stress and increased feelings of mental well-being for you both. Shy, fearful and under-socialized dogs will develop more confidence.

Trips to the dog park or to the trails for a hike on a beautiful sunny day is a great way for you and your dog to socialize and meet new friends. Consider your dog your exercise buddy. You both need it, you have each other, so get out there, get active, get moving, get healthy and have some fun.

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