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Back to the Sea: Anchovy and Salmon Oil Supports a Healthy Heart and Brain

Omega-3 fatty acids may help dogs maintain normal cognitive function later in life. In addition, supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids may reverse inflammatory conditions related to the heart, kidneys and joints. Request third-party test results from the manufacturer to verify purity and freshness.

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Anchovy and salmon oils can benefit a dog’s brain, heart and immune system. These oils have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can also benefit a dog’s skin and coat.

Some omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the blood’s ability to clot. This can interfere with wound healing or the dog’s ability to recover after surgery.

Although dogs can make some of these acids themselves, essential fatty acids have to be acquired by dog food or supplementation.

Always check with your vet before changing your dog’s diet or adding supplements.

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