Adjustable Anti-UV Sunglasses For Dogs

dog in car wearing sunglasses

If you’re traveling with your dog, or taking a hike or adventure walk, protecting your dog’s eyes is as important as protecting your own. Aside from the sun and wind and dust you expect when you’re out, your dog might run into an inconvenient reality, like a tree, while chasing a squirrel or playing with another dog.

Dogs can’t anticipate what will happen if they get too close to a branch, but we can. And we can be prepared to be sure our pups return home from their walks unscathed by the exciting world outside their door.

Our sunnies are tough and flexible, while providing excellent coverage against the sun, wind, water, and debris. They’re adjustable with elastic bands around the head and jaw area. Made of high quality-plastic, with soft materials around the frame for comfort. Also available with clear lenses.


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