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A community of like-minded people who love dogs and want to improve their lives

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Your purchase supports the work we do to improve the lives of homeless dogs.

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Walking Doggies is an online lifestyle community that caters to busy people who share their lives with dogs. We offer articles, resources, and products to help dog parents create a new kind of bond with their dog while finding balance in their busy lives.

Walking Doggies advocates for changes in current policies and legislation that make pet adoption and ownership difficult and keep vulnerable dogs at risk. In addition, we work with animal rescue groups and organizations that make life better for animals all over the world.

Please visit our Community Center pages and help us support animals in need.


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Walking Doggies LLC has been in the dog walking industry over 15 years and we’re an authority on dog walking gear and accessories. During our walking years our staff cared for almost every breed of dog, from the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, and we know what to look for when choosing safe, durable dog walking gear and accessories. We’ve seen equipment fail, putting dogs at risk, and we developed a checklist of what to look for when choosing walking equipment to keep dogs safe and secure.

Several years ago we changed our company purpose to focus on bringing a new brand of dog walking gear to market, a brand that marries sustainability with luxury, and our website features products that meet our criteria for this new definition of luxury.

We fight for changes in legislation that allows dogs to be bred and sold in inhumane conditions.

We hope our website inspires you to adopt your next best friend, and to support the ethical manufacturers around the globe that provide sustainable walking gear that keeps dogs safe and helps our planet thrive.

Rescue them, pamper them, raise them ethically.