Turn ordinary dog walks into a time for fun, adventure and fitness.

We want you to get active with your dog! We’ll help you turn ordinary dog walks into a time for fun, adventure and fitness, and give you resources to correct negative outdoor behaviors that your dog may be exhibiting.

Spending time outdoors can lead to happier, healthier, well-mannered dogs, and well-mannered dogs have a better chance of staying in their forever homes and staying out of the shelter system.

WalkingDoggies is an online resource to help you plan the best outdoor adventures and connect you with local dog owners for exciting group activities. Think of the daily dog walk as a fun opportunity for you and your dog to get healthy and fit.

Practical articles and resources will enhance your time outdoors, and our collection of offbeat and upbeat dog walking gear should satisfy the most discriminating fashionista. So grab your dog, grab your gear, grab a ball and enjoy the great outdoors!

WalkingDoggies does not personally sell the products on our site. We earn a small commission for product referral on some of the items, however this does not influence our decision to list an item. Items are listed because we honestly believe they have earned a fitting place on our website. We hope you enjoy our collection.

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