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A curated collection of sustainable luxury walking gear for dogs

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Selected from the most ethical, sustainable brands, shops, and manufacturers worldwide.


Walking Doggies exists to connect dog owners to the best luxury outdoor gear for dogs. Our mission is to be a global platform for quality, sustainable products that benefit dogs and the environment.

Luxury is no longer the most exclusive, the most expensive or the highest status. The new definition of luxury is much more inclusive. It’s a lifestyle, a state of mind. It means: Quality, Sustainability, Having More Time, Giving Back.

It requires luxury brands to produce quality goods that are earth-friendly and will stand the test of time. It’s adopting more ethical and transparent practices, and understanding the increasing importance of sustainability and social responsibility to our neighbors, our community, and our planet.

Anyone who lives an ethical, sustainable life is living the new luxury, and we welcome you to our online store. We hope you find something wonderful here for your pup, or maybe a gift for a dog in your life for the upcoming holiday season.


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Walking Doggies LLC has been in the dog walking industry over 15 years and we’re an authority on dog walking gear and accessories. During our walking years our staff cared for almost every breed of dog, from the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, and we know what to look for when choosing safe, durable dog walking gear and accessories. We’ve seen equipment fail, putting dogs at risk, and we developed a checklist of what to look for when choosing walking equipment to keep dogs safe and secure.

Several years ago we changed our company purpose to focus on bringing a new brand of dog walking gear to market, a brand that marries sustainability with luxury, and we are using our platform to promote companies that meet our criteria for the new definition of luxury.

Our collection focuses on quality, durability, excellent customer service, and a commitment to producing earth-friendly products.

We hope our website inspires you to support the emerging brands around the globe, and turn your ordinary dog walks into an opportunity to upgrade your walking gear and help our planet thrive.

We’re more than an online store for luxury dog walking gear, we care about our environment and we’re innovative. We research and study product manufacturers worldwide in the pet products community so you can explore your next favorite brands from your next favorite stores. We support hundreds of independent brands, boutiques and manufacturers who define luxury by the new definition so that we can offer you and your dog the best in style, durability and sustainability.