About Our Community

dog with other dogsWalking Doggies is a community for dog owners who have dogs that exhibit bad outdoor behavior. It’s a place to share and to learn and even to laugh. Dogs occasionally behave badly but when bad behavior occurs outside the home in the community it’s time to consider some options, and surrendering your dog should never be one of them.

Here’s what you’ll find in our community:

  • Lots of products for the outdoors. Everything from traditional leashes to helpful training gear to really fun outdoor clothing and accessories.
  • A library of useful articles and training tips provided by a team of professional dog trainers.
  • Helpful videos that will show you how to correct your dog’s bad outdoor behavior.
  • A community of dog owners who are here to support each other as we collectively look for solutions to the common problem of how to turn our not so perfect little rascals into good, respectful canine citizens.

Come for the resources and stay for the community. Share your stories with us. You may have advice or suggestions that can help someone else who’s going through the same thing with their dog.

They say there’s strength in numbers. Maybe if we work together we can have a small part in helping to keep dogs in their homes and out of the shelter system. If we help even one dog, that’s really something.

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