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Immune System Health

A Healthy Immune System Can Help Reduce the Risks of Diseases Common to Senior Dogs

A healthy immune system protects dogs against a variety of infectious diseases and responds to infectious challenges from the outside world. An appropriate immune response mounts a strong defense against the body’s challengers while keeping the animal healthy and safe.

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Here are some easy ways to boost and support your dog’s immune system:

  • The right diet – Read labels. Look for high-quality, natural ingredients and select a blend that’s appropriate for your dog’s age and energy level. Don’t overfeed and avoid feeding table scraps.
  • Many older dogs don’t get enough exercise. When you bring your dog out for a bathroom break, instead of the same walk around the same block try a different path and let your dog mingle and socialize with people and dogs along the way. Exercise is great for a dog’s physical health and can minimize stress and help to keep a senior dog’s immune system strong.
  • Consider adding immune-building supplements to your dog’s diet. Certain nutrients like Olive Leaf Extract and Echinacea offer antibacterial and antibacterial properties that supports natural immune system functions.

Always check with your vet before changing your dog’s diet or adding supplements.

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