Punish Animal Abusers

Animal abuse occurs with regularity in the United State but unfortunately is often ignored by the authorities. This may be because historically animal abuse wasn’t considered a violent crime. Under the current law pets are considered property, like tables and chairs. Since violent crimes are considered to be crimes against people and not property, animal abuse is often treated as an infraction or low-level misdemeanor, usually punishable by a fine and/or probation.

There are many reasons to change the laws that govern animal abuse.

  • We know that animals are not property and deserve to be treated with the same love and respect as people.
  • Animal abuse is often linked to other forms of abuse like domestic violence and child abuse.

If we can get the laws changed so that animal abuse is considered a violent crime we won’t only be helping and protecting innocent animals but also the children and people animal abusers are likely to abuse.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the current Animal Cruelty Laws by State, provided by Dopplr. We need to work on changing these laws so instead of being ‘property’ animals are considered living, breathing individuals. That’s the first step to change the way people treat and view animals.

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