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about niko dog

Meet Niko, our 11 year old COD (Chief Operating Dog)

about murphy dog

Meet Murphy, our 13 year old CED (Chief Executive Dog).

A unique collection of uncommon, unexpected dog gear.

WalkingDoggies is an online resource run by a quirky team of pet parents who love to shop for uncommon, unusual gear for  their dogs.

Our goal is to offer a variety of cool, unexpected stuff that you can’t easily find. Why shouldn’t your pup be the talk of the dog park, or turn heads as he or she prances down the street in full diva garb?

Why shop for ordinary when your dog is so much more? On our site you’ll find the very opposite of ordinary.

WalkingDoggies does not personally sell the products on our site. We earn a small commission for product referral on some of the items, however this does not influence our decision to list an item. Items are listed because we honestly believe they have earned a fitting place in: A unique collection of uncommon, unexpected dog gear. We hope you enjoy our collection.

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